COIL Service Mark


Collaborative Online International Learning – COIL – connects faculty, students and classes at higher education institutions around the world for discussions, exploration and collaborative project work.  COIL is integrated into the curriculum of classes – in any subject area, at any level – and engages students and faculty in significant intercultural interactions through applied and project-based learning, thereby bringing international experiences and their attendant skills development into the reach of all students, at any institution. COIL sits at the intersection of many important goals of higher education: innovation, applied learning, diversity, partnerships, access and equity, and development of skills for career and life.

COIL provides a means to:

  • Develop intercultural awareness and communicative competencies, cost effectively and at scale;
  • Encourage appreciation for diverse backgrounds and perspectives;
  • Broaden and strengthen students’ understanding of the discipline studied through applied projects and discussions;
  • Advance the use of technology tools for collaboration, communication and learning;
  • Prepare students to work in a multi-cultural and connected world.


Use of the COIL Service Mark

COIL is a registered service mark of The State University of New York. You are authorized to use this service mark for collaborative online intercultural/international learning opportunities that adhere to the following criteria:

  1. The activity follows the COIL pedagogical approach, including planning and design of COIL module or course.
  2. The activity’s aims are to promote collaborative learning between students from different cultural backgrounds; enrolled in two or more different schools, colleges or universities; facilitated by the teaching faculty for the respective courses.
  3. The activity is not-for-profit, and offered to students as part of their educational experience at no additional course fee. Additional activities that the COIL activity may support, such as a study abroad experience, may charge students on a cost-recovery basis.

Permissions granted: You are authorized to use the name COIL subject to this Service Mark Use Policy. Use of the COIL service mark does not imply endorsement by or affiliation to the SUNY COIL Center. Further, you may use the SUNY COIL Center logo for referential use (for example, when referring to materials and ideas developed by the SUNY COIL Center), provided that it does not imply endorsement by SUNY or create confusion. This permission does not include use of the SUNY COIL logo or any of its materials.

SUNY retains the right to revoke permission to use its COIL Service Mark for any reason or for no specified reason. SUNY is particularly likely to revoke a license if, in its sole discretion, it finds that your use of the service mark is likely to bring disrepute to SUNY or any of its trademarks, service marks or activities, or if your use of the service mark confuses the public. 

Additional permissions: In addition to the permissions granted in advance to the public as set forth above, SUNY may agree to grant additional permissions upon request. Please contact with any requests or queries. Except as specifically stated above or otherwise set forth in a written agreement with you, no additional permissions are granted.  

Your use of the COIL service mark pertaining to virtual exchange and/or virtual engagement indicates your acceptance of these conditions.