These special interest groups (aka SIGs) aka Idea Hubs focus on how and where COIL Virtual Exchange works in concert with 4 different areas: Technology, Pedagogy, DEI, Culture & Language, Assessment. Each IdeaHub/SIG meeting meets once a month. There is an Idea Hub meeting every week on Fridays at 11am EST. These meetings are a great way to network with other institutions, learn from more experienced coordinators and focus on a particular topic.

The 1st Friday, we focus on Technology and how most recent tech apps, laws, data privacy intersects with COIL. We also discuss what resources members need, and webinar topics to organize and share with the community.

The 2nd Friday, we focus on the intersection of Pedagogic approaches, (activity resources, student COIL orientations, service learning connections, badging and microcredentials) connect with COIL Virtual Exchange.

The 3rd Friday, we focus on the intersection of Culture, Language, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion connect with COIL Virtual Exchange. We discuss translanguaging opportunities, UNESCO story circles, and the intersectionality of COIL collaborations working through culture.

The 4th Friday, Assessment and COIL Virtual Exchange is the focus. We have researched a variety of assessment tools together, brought in guest speakers and are creating assessment tools for students as well as for assessing COIL Virtual Exchange programs.

Please check your Welcome to the SUNY COIL Community Membership letter for the ZOOM link and meeting notes.