Special Conference Sessions

Special 6th Conference Tracks

This year we have several special tracks that will be available during some or all of the breakout sessions throughout the conference. Short descriptions and the identifier for each track are listed below.

Road to COIL Normalization - This special conference track is linked to the overall conference theme and will feature a presentation during each of the five breakout sessions that build upon the opening conference plenary and keynote address. These sessions are devoted to the process of embedding Collaborative Online International Learning and feature the work being done in this regard at a variety of institutions at SUNY, as well as others in the US and abroad that have been invited to speak at the conference. Each of these sessions will take place in the Global Classroom Side A.
Student Voices - As student to student interactions are at the heart of COIL courses, we have several sessions this year that feature their own voices about their experiences. This track will include students joining us both in-person and remotely via Skype to share their perspectives on what they learned and gained from participating in such international collaborations.
Teacher’s Education - This year's event will for the first time feature a disciplinary-specific track on Friday. The area covered this year is Teacher Education. It includes a panel discussion featuring leaders in the field of internationalizing teacher education, presentations from practitioners in the field, and a roundtable discussion session. The nature of the presentations should be of value to those from other fields as well. While there will be a recurrent thread through each of these three sessions, conference attendees are welcome to attend any or all sessions.
Instructional Design Perspectives - This role specific track will include sessions where Instructional Designers and Technologists share their experiences in supporting the development of collaborative online international learning courses and initiatives. The lessons they share will be of interest to not only those in similar roles, but to others interested in a holistic approach to the development of COIL projects.
Mini-workshops - Friday afternoon will feature two 60-minute hands on workshops where attendees can engage with presenters and their ideas in a more interactive fashion. If you would like to see more such session at future COIL Conference, please consider submitting a proposal for one at our 2015 Conference.
Combined Sessions - As in previous years there are some breakout session time slots which will have multiple presentations. The presentations in these sessions although independent from each other are linked around a common theme (e.g. assessment, utilization of blogs, etc.).

Networking Nook

In response to popular demand, for the first time this year we will have a dedicated area of the building available for those seeking to have meetings during the conference. The Networking Nook is on the 3rd floor in the Café area and Seminar Room 303. These spaces are available throughout the conference, even during the breakout session. Free refreshments will be provided in the café. Feel free to utilize this space to meet with colleagues, setup possible partnerships, or simply to take a break from the conference.

Video Archive

The COIL Center offers a free webcast of portions of the conference, and posts an archive of the event to our website. This is to allow individuals across the world that may not be able to attend for geographic, political or financial reasons to benefit from the many informative sessions on collaborative online international learning. So if you are unable to attend, or attend and have multiple sessions you are interested in, you can review the archive which should be available by the end of April.

Note for In-Person Attendees: If for some reason you object to being recorded or photographed, please let us know at the on-site registration desk and we will try to arrange seating for you in an area which will not be filmed.

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