Question 9

9. What is the primary language of most students in each class?

At institution #1 most of the students have Arabic as a primary language but are completely fluent in English.  At institution #2 the primary language for students is English.

At TTU it is English. In Jena it is German.

Belize Kriol is the primary language of most students in my class. / CCC: English

Corning Community College – English / Actors College of Theatre and Television - English. However, we had a French student and an Italian student as well as a number of second language speakers in the class. The Actors College of Theatre and Television has in the past enrolled at least one international student per year.




English (SUNY, ESC) / ULPGC : Spanish

English (Swarthmore), different languages from Arabic to French and Ghanaian dialects (Ashesi)

English and Turkish

English at George Mason / Russian at HSE

English with Romanian for BBU.

English, Brockport / Russian, Novgorod


It was divided between English and Russian. The primary language of SUNY Geneseo students was English. Although, one student was bilingual in English and Russian. The primary language of most MSU students was Russian, yet they were all fluent in English and many, if not all, were multilingual. 

Japanese at SJSU.

KGU, Japanese; For SJSU in California, English. For two SJSU students Spanish and Japanese was the primary language of one exchange student from KGU.

RIT students are predominantly, but not exclusively, native speakers of English (some international students were enrolled in the course) / ACMT students are predominantly foreign speakers of English (one or two native speakers in the group)

Similarly, at VU, the primary language is English. However, approx. 70% of the student cohort are from non-English speaking backgrounds. The majority of students are second generation migrants and the others are recently arrived migrants who have studied several prerequisite courses in ESL (English as a second language). Typically, the former group are from europe, southern europe and Vietnam. The latter are from Africa and elsewhere in Asia and the Pacific.

Texas Tech students speak English primarily, although three students in the class used other languages in their homes, most frequently Spanish. / MyongJi students speak Korean primarily, although almost all of them also can speak and write in English as a foreign language.

UC:  English / UDLAP: Spanish

Unisa: English/Afrikaans, NCCU: English, RAMA: Danish

UWM=English (Korean x 1, Japanese x 1) / Osaka U=Japanese