Question 40

40. Has this course been offered again, or is it scheduled to be offered in the near future, at any of the partnered institutions? If so, when will it be taught? If no, why not?

NU:  Not scheduled as of yet. Awaiting further in person discussion at COIL conference.

Griffith:  Fully second this opinion.

It is being offered again this semester and there are two classes scheduled for fall 2013.

No. There have been changes in my international partner’s employment. She has moved to a more advanced performance training program, and that institution would not be a good fit with our beginning performance students. 

After reviewing the benefits and challenges of our first collaborative effort, we have built another course which is currently being taught and contains students at a similar academic level.  

Dr. Aragon will not teach the Youth Politics seminar during the 2013-14 school year. 

Dr. Gupta-Carlson taught Digital Storytelling in September 2012 and is currently teaching it. She and her ESC colleague, Dr. Sheila Aird, have adapted and built upon many of the collaborated activities that Dr. Gupta-Carlson and Dr. Aragon developed, and have used these activities to team-teach within and across sections of the Digital Storytelling course in  the ESC system.

The course has been offered twice, and we have plans to offer the RIT/ACMT course again Fall 2013. 

We hope to offer it again in the future as technology permits.

Clarke: No, at the moment it was a one-time event. It effectively illuminated both the possibilities of and the impediments to such a pedagogy. A lot hangs on the sheer contingencies of scheduling, and when going east-west these can be particularly difficult to negotiate. It may well be much easier, in the Americas, to go north-south. 

Vanderbeke: Courses are not repeated in our institute. I would very much like to take part in other international courses - certainly with Bruce Clarke, but also with other instructors. However, the problems of different semester schedules in Germany and America will probably render such collaborations an exception.

No. Ashesi faculty is no longer at the institution. Swarthmore faculty are assigned to teaching courses in their disciplines. It could potentially be offered in the future at Swarthmore, but team-teaching would need to be approved and a new international partner found.

It will be offered 2013 Fall again with the same international partner Kagoshima university. 

As part of the Pakistan grant, SJSU will be offering numerous COIL style course opportunities where SJSU and AIOU students will work together to build multicultural competencies in the domains of Computer Science and Education (see our website:

There is talk of running the course again in the spring of 2014. 

Not as yet, still to be discussed.

The course is being offered again on the Brockport campus, but COIL collaboration is not currently in place. Given resource support, we are open to the possibility of offering the course in a COIL format.

The course will be taught again by Professors Barnes and Filatova in the spring 2014 semester.

The course only ran once, in the spring of 2012. 

Yes, it will be offered again at NCCU and UNISA and RAMA are in agreement to offer the course in the future as well.  NCCU would like to offer the course in Fall 2013.

We hope to offer the class again in the future, and we have begun to talk about additional means of collaboration.

I would love to offer it again, of possible. However, it is almost a double teaching load, and should be recognized as such. Next Fall, I am on sabbatical though. (US)

ULPGC: We don’t plan to offer the same course again, basically because we plan to build on this experience to learn more about synchronous and asynchronous communicating tools and to reframe our international syllabus accordingly, with both student’s comments and our own analysis.

We have discussed offering it again but in a slightly different context. We would like to do it once a year (or perhaps every other year) with a field study included. Possible target date: Spring 2014.