Question 33

33. What was the approximate percentage of attrition or drop-outs from each student group during the course?



1 student (due to the wrong placement)

ULPGC : Very few students drop out after the first night real time session.

TTU--As mentioned above, two of twenty students of the TTU group dropped the course.

UNISA: 93%, NCCU: 2%, RAMA: 30 %

None of the enrolled students withdrew from the course. However, one or two students on my (Mira’s) side needed additional stimulation to make their part of teamwork on time.

At George Mason, 2 students out of 30 failed to complete the course. In one case, the student showed up most of the semester and disappeared right at the end.

For HSE, as described above, the drop-out rate was significantly higher at approximately 50%.

0 at both schools

Only one student dropped out of the course and this was before the GNLC period started.

None at either institution after first week.

At AUB there was a little bit of turnover during the first week of classes which is the traditional drop/add period.  UNCG stayed consistent.

About 5 SJSU students had a lull during the World Series, however, they returned  and did not drop out permanently.

0 percent, although there was a student who failed this course due to no submission of her homework and paper. But, she, too, participated in the class all the time. I think it is partially because I paid attention to their relationship and problems in each group by letting them write journals on their group work weekly and I meddled in when necessary. I myself positioned and designed this course as a venue where my students experientially learn intercultural differences and solve the problems that occurs in the course of achieving a research project together within the group, so they could not back out due to the collective responsibility.

0 percent at Kagoshima. The students were divided into 8 production teams. The members of each team successfully supported each other and created good atmosphere where they completed the video productions.

UWM had one student drop out in the beginning of the semester. We also gained a student in the beginning of the semester.

No attrition at Swarthmore -  at Ashesi probably 5-10 students

There were no drop-outs from either seminar.

Only one RIT student dropped out of the Spring 2012 offering of the course.

The UVIC course had no attrition during the collaboration with ESC.

Two ESC students withdrew from the course before the collaboration, and one additional student withdrew in the early phases of the collaboration. The reasons for the withdrawals were unrelated to the collaboration.

1 drop from the CCC course, or 1 out of 7, so 14%.

No drop-outs in the UB course

My recollection is that one student dropped the CCC class, or failed to complete the class and received a failing grade.

All enrolled students at ACTT completed the course.

UTEP: 1-2 students out of an enrollment of 20

VU: 2-3 students out of an enrollment of 30

One American student dropped due to new job responsibilities.