Question 23

23. Were these provided by one of the participating institutions or were they cloud-based?

Tech support was utilized at both universities.

As for webex, SJSU provided the tool, but the other two tools are cloud-based.

ClassLivePro provided by National University through ECollege. Skype was cloud-based.

Cloud based

Cloud-based, though CCC students did use their CCC Gmail accounts.

Cloud-based. The institution, however, made certain that we had access to the proper hardware, including speakers, webcams, and a conferencing camera.

Each campus used its own video conferencing facilities and NCCU bridged the video streams. NCCU recorded the class sessions and made them available for those not able to participate in the live session. is cloud-based.

Each institution had their own video conferencing facility

Free … not cloud-based or institutionally provided.

Not provided by participating institutions.

Provided by CCU.  We also used Eluminate from USFQ.

See question 22.

Skype is a free, downloadable app that students can use anywhere, anytime, for free. Desire2Learn is an LMS provider that SJSU has contracted with for managed hosting services.

Skype is cloud-based.

SUNY, ESC / ULPGC : it was an ESC requirement.

The Tandberg System is owned by SUNY Geneseo. Although Skype is cloud-based, SUNY Geneseo’s Department of Communication owned the Premium account.

The video-conferencing system was provided/supported by both campuses.

These were cloud based.

We provided our own technology and software. CCC’s instructor used her home system, as she is not provided with SKYPE at the institution.

Were provided by both participating institutions.