Question 14

14. For how many weeks did your classes collaborate?

About 8 weeks

10 / ULPGC : students began to post their entries in week 2 and posted e

10 weeks.

11 weeks

12 weeks, I think was the final number depending on how you count due to various holidays.

15 weeks

5 weeks

6 Weeks

7-8 weeks per semester.

9 weeks

Approximately 10 weeks.

Eight weeks

Eleven weeks.  The two KGU courses shared three synchronous sessions via Skype and 8 asynchronous sessions interacting via email, chat, and an the LMS (learning management system -  Desire2Learn--D2L)

Five weeks

for 13 weeks

Our classes collaborated about nine weeks. We also attempted to keep the students in contact with each other beyond that period by creating a class Group page on Facebook.

Shared Module:  Transnational Feminisms in North America runs from March 11 to April 23 with one week of spring break per institution within so 4 substantive weeks with final joint wiki papers due in the 5th week.

The actual  GNLC portion of the course lasted just six weeks, due to the late start and Thanksgiving vacation. We had planned the GNLC as four modules taking place over eight weeks, but there was a great deal of confusion as to who was responsible for what portions of the course, when they should post their materials, what materials SHOULD be posted, and who SHOULD  manage the discussion boards for those modules.  Because there were so many actors and moving parts of this initiative, our project suffered from “leadership diffusion,” which we will explore in the narrative section of this case study. It was also expected that Module 3 (which was originally Module 4) would take place throughout the entire eight weeks.  This is because Module 4 was planned as the capstone simulation.  The idea was that the students would learn about a public administration dilemma/challenge facing both US and European public administration (contracting out of public services) and then develop their own outsourcing plan.  We did accomplish the simulation (discussed later in this case study), but on a rather uncomfortably tight time schedule.  The content Modules 1-3 were supposed to be two weeks long with Module 4 eight weeks./ ACTUAL GNLC SCHEDULE: / Module 1-October 22-November 3 / Module 2-November 4-November 17 / Module 3-November 18-December 13 (capstone simulation)


Twelve weeks in total. Four weeks per institution.

We were supposed to do over 7 weeks, but Kagoshima side found out that the last week fell on the university anniversary and ended up with 6 weeks.

For how many weeks did your classes collaborate? Our collaboration took place for 8 weeks, from February 22, 2012 through April 18, 2012.