How to Apply

Step 1: We strongly encourage all applicants to first read the Application Guidelines carefully.

Step 2: Once you have reviewed all the information provided, locate your team members, international partner, and secure institutional support.

Step 3: Download and complete the Application Form.

The application form is a fillable and savable PDF, meaning that you can enter and save information directly into the form using any PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader or any browser with an Adobe plugin. You will need to save the form on your desktop. You may also complete your items, save, and then forward it to your team members to do the same.

Step 4:  Obtain all additional documentation (both required and optional).

Step 5: Create two separate PDF files.

  • One PDF will be the completed application form saved with the naming convention: application-[name of institution].pdf (e.g. application-SUNYUlster.pdf), 
  • The second PDF will be all additional documentation (Statements of Purpose; CVs; Letters of Support etc.) compiled into one file saved with the following naming convention: appendices-[name of institution].pdf(e.g. appendices-SUNYUlster.pdf). 

NOTE: If there is more than one application from an institution, please coordinate and number each application (e.g. application-SUNYCortland1.pdf).

Step 6: The Application Contact person (as indicated in the application form) should send ONE email to: with the word Application in subject line.


REMEMBER: Application Deadline is April 29th, 2011. 

If you have questions about the Institute or the application, please consult our FAQs, and if you still require assistance contact the Institute coordinator at