COIL Latin America Academy 3

Information and Applications for the Fall 2015 COIL Latin America Academy (LAA3)

Faculty Members from any SUNY Nodal Network Campus are eligible to apply

Internationalizing Courses through Collaborative Online International Learning

Join the LAA and transform your teaching through a collaboration in which students view course material through a new cultural lens. Fellows co-develop a COIL-enhanced course or module between a SUNY campus and a university in Latin America capitalizing on web-based technology to provide students an enriching intercultural experience. Fellows receive travel funding as well as professional development and support from the COIL Center to support their partnership.

COIL Latin America Academy 3 Summary Document

SUNY Faculty Profile Submission Deadline: July 8, 2015 (CLOSED)

SUNY/GPN Faculty Partnership Proposal Template (due by August 3, 2015)

Questions? Please send to

Under the leadership of the COIL Center the Latin America Academy (LAA) is developing course-based partnerships between SUNY campuses and universities in Latin America which are members of our growing Global Partner Network (GPN). The COIL Center is supporting selected faculty and their institutions to develop and pilot, equitable, team-taught courses which emphasize experiential and collaborative student learning. These may also serve as a basis for the creation of long-term sustainable international partnerships between the participant campuses. The ongoing offering of these courses will lead to students from SUNY and Latin America gaining meaningful experiences in cross-cultural international classrooms; thus contributing to greater understanding and cross-border dialogue and exchange between faculty, students, and staff at SUNY and peers in Latin America.

Interested participants for the Fall 2015 LAA3 should read the COIL Latin America Academy 3 Summary for more details

The project’s 3rd cohort (LAA3) is open to faculty from any discipline who will create Spring 2016 COIL-enhanced courses with members of the COIL Center’s Global Partner Network (Universidad La Salle, Universidad de Monterrey, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Universidad de Guadalajara, and Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) in São Paulo State, Brazil) on the following timeline:

SUNY Faculty Profile Submission July 8, 2015
Partnering Process via COIL Networks Website July 9 – 27, 2015
Partnership Proposal Deadline August 3, 2015
Accepted COIL LAA3 Partnerships Announced August 5, 2015
Online Academy Course Development Program September 7 – October 12, 2015
Face-to-face Workshop in Cuernavaca, Mexico and Optional Campus Visits
(travel funded for accepted SUNY Faculty)
September 17-20, 2015 and days after for campus visits

SUNY/GPN Faculty Partnership Proposal Template (due by August 3, 2015)



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Online Information Sessions

Questions will be answered at two upcoming online info sessions. Please complete this quick survey to register for the meetings:

Profile Requirements for SUNY Faculty Entry to Partnering Phase of LAA3

In order to be considered for inclusion in the Partnering Phase of the third COIL Latin America Academy, please provide the following information. If accepted your responses will be posted to the COIL Networks website to help you identify potential faculty partners from our Global Partner Network institutions in Mexico or Brazil. Please prepare your application in a Microsoft Word or other document and email the completed application to and copy your Nodal Network Campus Coordinator.

Profile submissions are due by Wednesday, July 8th at 11:59pm EDT (CLOSED)




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Phone Number:

Please respond to each of the following questions:

  1. What is the title of your intended COIL-enhanced course?
  2. Please provide a brief description of the course on which your proposed COIL collaboration may be based. (100 words or less)
  3. What language(s) would you like to use in your COIL-enhanced course?
  4. What are the primary reasons for wanting to bring a COIL perspective to your course? (250 words or less)
  5. Please also submit a digital photo and/or a video of yourself to be added to the profile



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