2014 Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshop Descriptions

For the first time we are offering pre-conference workshops at the 2014 COIL Conference. These will take place on Thursday March 20, 2014 from 9am to 12pm. The fee for the workshops is $75 for those attending from SUNY and $100 for those from other institutions.

More information on this year’s workshops as well as the leaders for each session can be found below. Registration for the workshop is done as part of the normal conference registration process at http://www.cvent.com/d/14qkr8.

Negotiating COIL Course Design Using an Instructional Design Planning Framework and Toolkit

A core challenge for faculty new to developing COIL courses involves a faculty professional development issue related to quality online course design. A key step in addressing this challenge is to understand the multidimensional role of the Instructional Designer (ID) as a partner in the negotiated design of highly collaborative, online, international learning courses. Faculty new to online course design/development as well as faculty who have taught online before will learn a set of fundamental design principles to use to turn the complex task of COIL course design into a manageable sequence of steps.  Using a modified backward design model and custom module planning toolkit, the presenters will guide participants in pairs through a series of activities involving the mapping and alignment of key course components of a COIL course. Through instructor guided activities and peer feedback, participants will learn strategies for building the backbone of a quality online course.

Workshop participants will work in pairs or small teams. Individuals are welcome to attend as are groups planning to develop a COIL course including faculty partners, as well as instructional designer/technologists and other staff supporting their course development. Participants will come away with a complete plan for one course module that includes one intercultural learning objective.

Rick Reo - Instructional Designer, George Mason University

Rick is part of a team of instructional designers that partner with faculty seeking to design and develop online/hybrid courses individually or as part of an academic program.  His special interests are in the pedagogy of social media and the design of authentic learning contexts, such as GNLEs.  Rick taught online for 7 years and currently teaches face-to-face and hybrid courses as an adjunct instructor for the College of Education and Human Development at GMU.

Craig B. Little - Disginguished Service Professor, SUNY Cortland

Dr. Little is Distinguished Service Professor of Sociology at SUNY Cortland. He is author and editor of two books and widely published on deviance, crime and social control. In recent years he has been active in the Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM) through which he developed collaborative online international courses with faculty abroad, including Social Control with colleagues in Belarus and Australia.


IT Tools for Enhancing Intercultural Competency Amongst Today's Students

There is a close relationship between IT tools and the students we have in our classes. In order to develop successful Globally Networked Learning Environments (GNLEs), collaborating professors should embrace the use of technology in their classrooms. There are many popular and easy to use IT tools that professors can take advantage of when generating GNLEs with the aim of achieving increased intercultural capacity amongst our students.

The workshop has three main objectives. The first objective is to provide the audience with awareness of the characteristics of today's students. The second objective is to present various IT tools that meet the intercultural competency goals that professors would like to instill in their courses. The third objective is to create a hands on approach in which the professor designs an activity ready to propose for their next GNLE.

Angélica Santana Fierro - Professor and Researcher, School of Business and Humanities, Tecnológico de Monterrey - Chihuahua Campus

Professor Santana Fierro is part of the leader team that is currently implementing an iPad initiative on the Campus. She focuses on designing and presenting workshops on educational technology for professors in everal Campuses. She is the creator of the teaching strategy Connective Multicultural Learning. She has coordinated interactions between Tecnológico de Monterrey and five different Universities located in various parts of the world.

Douglas Hemphill - Instructional Designer, Division of Extended Learning, SUNY Oswego

Douglas Hemphill has a Master’s in Instructional Design Development and Evaluation, and a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering.  He currently works at SUNY Oswego as an Instructional Designer and has previous held positions at Sensis-Saab Corporation and Syracuse University.  He has been the Instructional Designer for Oswego’s COIL program since its inception in 2012.


Strategies for Creating Dynamic Intercultural Relationships

It can be overwhelming to get students to connect and participate effectively in intercultural exchanges, as they often feel distant from foreign cultures and locations.  This workshop will address the behaviors and misconceptions within intercultural exchanges, engage the participants in a four column approach to implementing collaboration, and help them expand on skills that empower students in shared experiences.  Workshop participants will explore the challenges and impact of facilitating effective exchanges through an emphasis on non-traditional locations, and look at diffusing power differentials in an online environment.

Lisa Petro - Executive Director/Co-founder, Know My World

Lisa Petro is the Executive Director and co-founder of Know My World with an M.P.S. in Humanistic and Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz. She has worked in Japan as part of the Ministry of Education. Lisa has given workshops on teaching multiculturalism in the United States, Japan, Nepal and China.  Lisa has also presented projects on Global Citizenship at the SUNY Multicultural Education Conference, EARCOS in Bangkok, Thailand and Shanghai, China. 

Lisa DellaPorte - Program Operations Manager, Know My World

Lisa DellaPorte is the Program Operations Manager of Know My World with a B.S. in Education/English from SUNY New Paltz. She has recently returned from the Galapagos Islands as an English Teacher, volunteering in the local community and taking classes towards her M.P.S. in Humanistic and Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz which she plans on completing in December 2014. 

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