2014 COIL Conference Vendor Sponsor

We are very pleased to announce that this year's conference includes a sponsoring vendor offering products that we expect will be of interest to many of our attendees. There will be a booth where you meet with representatives about their products and learn more about the innovative ways they are being used in international teaching and learning. They will also have a 30-minute presentation in which they will demonstrate some of those methods in-person.

asahi net

Used by more than 400 higher education institutions worldwide for over a decade, including 11 of the top 25 leading universities, the Sakai LMS is a proven, flexible, enterprise-class Learning Management System solution. And because the Sakai LMS is open source, there’s no expensive licensing fees and vendor lock-in, so you get a better ROI and control ofyour destiny (learn more about Sakai at www.apereo.org).
Why ANI and Sakai LMS:
  • Choose a cloud-hosted solution that fits your needs. Start small and scale at your own pace.
  • Get world-class implementation, training, migration and support services. Now supporting Sakai in English and Spanish.
  • Whether you’re adopting your first LMS, looking for a hosted solution for your Sakai instance or need to replace your existing one, ANI has a solution for you.
Ready for a test drive? Try a free full version here: my.anisakai.com
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