2013 Nodal Network Faculty Grant Program

As part of their Nodal Network membership, faculty at each participating institution who are actively planning to develop a globally networked course are eligible to apply for COIL Course Development Support Grants. Successful 2013 grant applicants will be provided the following services and travel funding through COIL:

  • Waiver of the registration fee to attend the 5th COIL Conference on April 3-4, 2013 in NYC
  • Waiver of the registration fee for one-day intensive workshop providing basic skills needed to initiate development of a globally networked course on April 5, 2013 in NYC
  • Access to an online support community to share experiences with fellow grantees and others involved with globally networked learning at SUNY, across the US, and around the world
  • Up to $250 to fund car, air or train travel to NYC (further costs, incidentals, and meals other than those provided at the conference/workshop are the responsibility of the grantee or campus)
  • 2 nights paid accommodation at a hotel conveniently located to the conference/workshop for the grantee and their international partner (if attending)

Interested faculty should review the grant programs' full Request for Proposals (RFP) which also includes the associated application form. The deadline for applications for this year's grant program is February 18, 2013. The accepted grantees will be announced by February 26, 2013.

For any questions about COIL, the Nodal Network, or the grant program and application please contact John E. Fowler, COIL’s Assistant Director, at john.fowler@suny.edu or via phone at 212-317-3587.

For specific campus-related questions please contact your campus’ Nodal Network Coordinator.