The US-Mexico Multistate COIL Program is an initiative within the U.S.-Mexico Bilateral Forum on Higher Education, Innovation and Reasearch (FOBESII), The SUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning, along with SUNY’s Office for Latin America, with support from the USA Embassy in Mexico City and the Universidad LaSalle, Mexico City is developing a networked array of COIL-based collaborative teaching partnerships between SUNY campuses, other COIL-experienced colleges and universities in the USA, and higher education institutions in up to 18 Mexican states.

The institutions are divided into two cohorts and each selected institution in Mexico is supported to develop two pilot COIL-enhanced courses with one or more partner institutions in the USA.  Through the COIL Center's award winning professional development program, professors develop a COIL-enhanced course module to embed in their semester course, along the way developing shared learning objectives, project based activities for students, and an assessment plan for student work.       

The COIL Center works with selected institutions to develop co-equal team-taught learning environments which emphasize experiential and collaborative student learning. The process the COIL Center put into place to support the professors and their courses is designed to build sustainable international partnerships between the participant institutions. These courses engage up to 1500 students from the USA and Mexico as they gain meaningful cross-cultural experiences over the two project years. The COIL Center also provides guidance to participating institutions as they embed COIL into their internationalization strategies, thus contributing to greater cultural understanding and cross-border dialogue and exchange between professors, students, and staff at SUNY, at selected institutions in the USA, and those in Mexico. It is hoped that these partnerships will also lead to other forms of academic exchange and mobility involving professors, staff, and students.