Project Activities

The US-Mexico Multistate COIL Program (MCP) builds on the SUNY COIL Center's past work in Mexico, and seeks to increase inter-university collaboration between Mexican and US academic institutions through COIL-enhanced courses that link students, professors, and staff, contributing to greater intercultural understanding and cross-boarder dialogue.  

To US-Mexico Multistate COIL Program initiated COIL based partnerships with 18 institutions in Mexico during the 2016-2017 academic year. Professors at these universities worked through the SUNY COIL Center professional development program and developed COIL-enhanced modules with partner institutions at SUNY, and selected other US institutions, as pilot experiences in this modality of internationalization.  The project follows the professional development model of the COIL Center's previous Latin America Academies (LAA).   

One critical part of the infrastructure for COIL at a university of college is the role of a coordinator to develop campus-wide engagement, to facilitate faculty recruitment, partnering, COIL-enhanced course development, to help plan and report on activities, and to lead sustainable COIL activities into the future.  This structure mirrors the successful COIL administrative structure at Global Partner Network and SUNY Nodal Network institutions.


MCP Project Timeline


At the conclusion of these collaborative course partnerships, these institutions are invited to join the Global Partner Network membership-based network of international COIL partners to build upon the extensive outreach the COIL Center has undertaken in recent years around the world.  The member benefits and responsibilities of the MCP Mexican universities offer an expanding group of SUNY campuses the opportunity to developing collaborative online international courses with GPN institutions around the world.