COIL Mexico Professors Visit SUNY Partner Institutions

COIL Mexico Professors Visit SUNY Partner Institutions

COIL professors from Mexico visit SUNY Broome
Professor Juan Lozano and Professor Lynda Carroll at SUNY Broome


Professor Juan Lozano, Architecture, and Professor Roberto Orozco, MBA, have returned to their campuses in Mexico after visiting their colleagues and students at SUNY Broome County Community College.  Professor Lozano teaches at la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, and Professor Orozco teaches at la Universidad de Celaya.  Both universities are in Central Mexico. 

The US-Mexico Multistate COIL Program (MCP) is designed to give collaborative online international learning experiences to students in the US and Mexico.  According to, fewer than 10% of all students graduating from US colleges have studied abroad.  According to US News and World Report, that number is much smaller for community college students.  In this context, the MCP provides curricular internationalization for up to 1500 students at US and Mexican institutions.  Students enrolled in a COIL-enhanced class join together with students enrolled in a partner class at another college or university to work on assignments created jointly by their two professors.  COIL gives them the opportunity to get to know, and to cultivate the skill of working with, their peers from another nation without ever leaving home.  The MCP offers the opportunity for reciprocal visits by COIL professors to the US and Mexico to strengthen teaching connections and internationalization between institutions.

SUNY Broom faculty members Kathleen McKenna and Lynda Carroll, who are co-teaching COIL-enhanced course modules this fall, hosted the guests at Broome during their visit.  While they were here, the professors met with the classes they are collaborating with, and with classes in Architectural Design and Construction Management, Effective Speaking and Criminal Justice.  Juan Lozano and Lynda Carroll presented a Common Hour Program entitled This Old House: Rethinking Communities Through Innovation, Renovation, & Preservation.  Roberto Orozco spoke on The Mexican Economy at a breakfast meeting of the Student Branch of the American Society for Quality Control.  He also visited Toastmasters at SUNY Broome (he’d  met them virtually in the past) and together with Lisa Strahley and Kathleen McKenna, led 24 participants in a National Issues Forum deliberation on the topic of Immigration Policy.    

The guests enjoyed touring various locations in and around SUNY Broome, and as Professor Orozco said after a few drives through the countryside, the fall foliage and the barns along the road took his breath away.