The COIL Center's primary focus is on the creation of collaborative, international learning courses and particularly those of a hybrid and innovative nature. These are often courses where two or more classes meet separately and regularly in different countries, but where all the participating students and faculty also meet online. Here they can share ideas, collaboratively produce work that is relevant to their course of study and reflect upon their own and their partners' cultural points of view. The development and implementation of such courses takes some time, as the cross-cultural dynamics of planning can be fairly complex, but there is a typical pattern to this process that can be summarized here.

The COIL Center's professional development program entails two online courses designed for professors and instructors at SUNY Nodal Network colleges and universities and Global Partner Network institutions.  These two professional development programs are the COIL Course Orientation and the COIL Academy.  

For a more detailed overview, please request a copy of the COIL Faculty Guide for Course Development. The guide begins with background information about globally networked learning, followed by discussions on how to locate a faculty partner, how to gather institutional support and how to negotiate course content with your partner.  Please email to receive a free copy of the guide.

Faculty find collaborative teaching partners in a number of ways. The COIL Professional Development Program seeks to provide flexibility in the partnering process to accommodate both those SUNY faculty who may have a pre-existing relationship with an international professor, as well as those who are totally new to the partnering process and need more support in finding a partner. The COIL Center will provide guidance and support in creating such partnerships if they are not already in place.

The primary potential vectors for establishing a COIL teaching partnership identification are:

Pre-Existing Professional Relationships

SUNY Faculty who have a pre-existing relationship with a faculty member at an international institution and who would like to develop a COIL course with that faculty partner are encouraged to do so. Having a pre-existing relationship can make the course development process easier and ties between campuses stronger.

Participation in the COIL Course Orientation

The COIL Course Orientation is open to faculty who already have or who do not have an already established teaching partnership. As a result, it is possible that faculty may find and establish a partnership with another member of their cohort. Alternatively they will also learn strategies for seeking and creating a partnership a part of the program.

Facilitated Partnering with the COIL Center's Global Partner Network (GPN)

The COIL Center has been working to develop a network of institutions abroad that have experience in the implementation of COIL courses and have made an administrative commitment to supporting the development of COIL on their campus. The COIL Center staff can work with our Coordinators to help facilitate possible partnerships between SUNY faculty and faculty at one of our GPN campuses