Examples of COIL-supported Courses

The lists below shows examples of recently developed globally networked courses that COIL has supported. While these lists primarily include courses in the natural areas for internationally-focused content (e.g. Humanities and Social Sciences), COIL courses can and have been implemented in Science, Technology and other disciplinary contexts as well (e.g. Engineering, Sports Management). The key thing to consider is not whether your discipline, or even your course has an internationally-focused curriculum. Instead consider does your course have content that lends itself well to students working collaboratively in international groups. If so, the intercultural experiences can thus become an overlay to the existing course syllabus

The list includes courses supported through our various initiatives at SUNY, primarily our Nodal Network. It also includes a list of courses recently created as part of our 3-year COIL Institute for Globally Networked Learning in the Humanities which was sponsored for the National Endowment for the Humanities. For the courses available in that project, the Institute Fellows completed detailed case studies about their course and partnership development process. These can be accessed individually by clicking on the course name where available below, or as a compendium on the COIL Institute Case Studies page.

Other courses for which information or presentations are available have also been linked to below.

Recent Courses Supported at SUNY

Course Name US Institution International Partner Institution Country
Gender Roles Across Cultures* (Video) (Powerpoint) College at Brockport Novgorod State University Russia
Transatlantic Public Administration & Policy* (Video) (Powerpoint) Buffalo State College Manchester Metro. Univ./Babes Bolyai Univ. UK/Romania
Engineering Ethics Binghamton University University of Western Australia Australia
Fundamentals of Public Management Binghamton University Shenzhen University China
Advanced Social Work Practice with Communities Binghamton University University of the Free State South Africa
Dairy Production and Management SUNY Cobleskill Belarusian Agricultural Academy Belarus
Global English Composition* (Video) (Powerpoint) Corning Community College University of Belize Belize
Voice and Movement for Actors* (Video) (Powerpoint) Corning Community College Actors College of Theatre & Television Australia
Advanced Writing Seminar (Video) (Powerpoint) SUNY Cortland Capital Normal University China 
International Development and International Migration* SUNY Cortland Anadolu University Turkey
Social Control SUNY Cortland Belarus State University, Moscow State University Belarus, Russia
Strategic Management in Sports Organizations (Video) SUNY Cortland Hogeschool van Amsterdam Netherlands
Theoretical Foundations of Teaching English as a Second Language  SUNY Cortland Capital Normal University China 
Survey of World Cultures SUNY Delhi European Humanities University Lithuania
Propaganda of the 1930s: Soviet Union and America Compared SUNY Delhi Friendship University, Moscow Russia
Planet Hip-Hop* Empire State College University of Victoria Canada
Spanish / English* (Video) Empire State College University de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain
Visual Culture and Media Literacy (International Perspectives) Empire State College Nanjing Normal University China 
The Science of Cooking Empire State College American University of Science & Technology Lebanon
Internet Marketing (Video) Empire State College Center for North American Studies Slovakia
Intercultural Communications* (Video) SUNY Geneseo Moscow State University Russia
Intl. Field Experience: Early Childhood & Adolescence Education SUNY Geneseo University of Exeter England   
Global Workplace SUNY IT Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts Germany
Turkish-American Relations (Video) SUNY at New Paltz Istanbul Sehir University Turkey
European Politics SUNY at New Paltz Vesalius College Belgium
Analysis and Interpretation of Literature SUNY at New Paltz Middle East Technical University Turkey
Seminar in Production SUNY at New Paltz Linnaes University Sweden
Entrepreneurship College at Old Westbury Laval University Canada
Women, the Workplace, and the Law (Video) SUNY Oswego Empire State College - Intl. Programs Lebanon
HCI Graduate Seminar/ENG Specialized Studies SUNY Oswego RMIT University, Melbourne Australia
Cross-Cultural Video Production Purchase College European Humanities University Belarus
Going Global: Intercultural Communication Purchase College Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico
Psychology of Terrorism (Video) Purchase College Dublin City University Ireland
Religion and Conflict in Europe (Video) Purchase College Koç University Turkey
Principles of Management SUNY Ulster European Humanities University Lithuania
Introduction to Exceptional Children Education SUNY Ulster Chaoyang University of Technology Taiwan
Contemporary World Literature (Video) (Powerpoint) SUNY Ulster European Humanities University Lithuania
Western Civilization II  SUNY Ulster European Humanities University Lithuania
Theories of Human Behavior and Development (Video) (Powerpoint) University at Buffalo Ion Creangă Pedagogical State University Moldova

* Are courses developed through the support of the COIL Institute for Globally Networked Learning in the Humanities

Recent Courses Supported outside of SUNY as part of COIL Institute

Course Name US Institution International Partner Institution Country
Feminisms in Comparative Perspective: Immobilities, Inequalities, and Transnationalisms in North America University of Cincinnati Universidad de las Americas-Puebla Mexico
Global Environmental Politics: The Galapagos as Case Study Coastal Carolina University La Universidad San Francisco de Quito Ecuador
Coping with Violence: Experiences in the 20th Century George Mason University National. Research Univ. Higher School of Economics Russia
Global Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility Lehigh Univ./Drexel Univ. University of Ghana Ghana
The Global Village (Video) (Powerpoint) Marymount University Hanzehogeschool Groningen Netherlands
Cinematic Storytelling Across Cultures (Video) (Powerpoint) National University Queensland College of Art, Griffith University Australia
Jazz! Born in America, Created Internationally (Video) (Powerpoint) North Carolina Central Univ. Univ. of South Africa/Royal Acadeny of Music S. Africa - Denmark
What are Human Rights? (Video) Univ. of NC Greensboro American University of Beirut Lebanon
Writing Seminar (Powerpoint) Rochester Institute of Tech. American College of Management & Technology Croatia
Global Youth Culture: Technology and Youth Networking (Video) (Powerpoint) San Jose State University Kwansei Gakuin University Japan
Japanese and American Culture (Video) (Powerpoint) San Jose State University Kagoshima University Japan
Re-Envisioning Diasporas Swarthmore College Ashesi University College Ghana
Imagining Nations: Cultural Diversity in Australia and the US-Mexico Border (Video) (Powerpoint) University of Texas El Paso Victoria University Australia
Technical Communication (Video) (Powerpoint) Texas Tech University MyongJi University Rep. of Korea
Science Fiction and Modern Society Texas Tech University Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena Germany
Confronting National Identity Univ. of Wisconsin-Milw. Osaka University Japan