2013 COIL Conference Vendor Sponsors

We are very pleased to announce that for the first time this year's conference will include vendors offering products that we expect will be of interest to many of our attendees. Each vendor will have a booth where you meet with their representatives about their products and learn more about the innovative ways they are being used in international teaching and learning. They will each also have a 30-minute presentation in which they will demonstrate some of those methods in-person.

The 2013 COIL Conference Vendor Sponsors are:


bringing innovation to education

It all started when a university in Japan came to us in 2007 asking if we could develop a system that connected teachers and students, enabled students to accumulate their learning evidence, and elevated the learning outcome by mutual reviews. We did it, and created our collaborative learning system — manaba.

manaba’s innovative solution offers a completely unique combination of functions empowering you with unparalleled communication, as well as academic growth. Here are four key factors that make manaba unique:

  • Accumulation of learning evidence — encourages students to reflect, foster critical thinking and strategic planning.
  • Collaboration and mutual review — motivates students to aim higher, gain multi-lateral perspectives, and ultimately develop better ideas.
  • Intuitive interface — designed for a better and more focused learning experience.
  • Cloud application – enables cost-effective, scalable and cross-institutional implementations.

Already, our collaborative learning system has been embraced around the world by over one hundred highly-respected institutions.

You can learn more about manaba at http://www.manaba.com.





The platform that
enables you to
transform learning.

For all of the powerful tools Canvas offers, there’s only one that really matters (no pressure, but it’s you). We built Canvas by asking what you wanted in an LMS—we have continued to grow it through your feedback and suggestions. It’s a philosophy that makes sense to us: put technology on the side of the individuals who can use it to chart the future of learning.

  • Flexible Pedagogy - Canvas provides all the features you expect from a modern learning platform to support a variety of teaching styles.
  • Outcomes to Objectives  - With Canvas, you can connect each learning action to a specific goal—which means results are demonstrated in clearly measurable ways.
  • Ease of Use - A familiar, intuitive interface means most users already have the skills they need to navigate, learn and use Canvas.
  • Communication Preferences - Users can receive Canvas notifications via Facebook, SMS text messaging, email and other communication channels.

You can learn more about Canvas at www.instructure.com