2017 Global Learning Conference


Global Learning Conference

The 2017 Global Learning Conference, in Chicago, IL on October 30-31, 2017, illustrates best practices and innovation in collaborative online international learning (COIL). COIL is an approach to fostering 21st Century student competencies through the development of multicultural learning environments that link university or college classes in different countries with online technologies. The conference invites faculty and lecturers, instructional technologists and designers, international education and study abroad leaders, and anyone interested in the internationalization of higher education to attend and share knowledge with their peers in this growing field.

Conference themes include:
   • Practical Strategies and Student Voices
   • Intercultural Competence and Community Building
   • Internationalization and Professional Networks
   • Evaluation and Assessment
   • Professional Development

DePaul University and the State University of New York collaborated to bring you this conference in the spirit of welcoming the diverse and growing group of COIL and virtual exchange practitioners.