COIL June Workshops

The SUNY COIL Center Launches Initiatives with Workshops in Beirut, Lebanon and Cuernavaca, Mexico

The SUNY COIL Center has recently been the recipient of two funded grant initiatives designed to establish and expand COIL partnerships in México and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region).  Through these project activities, the SUNY COIL seeks to increase academic collaboration between US and foreign institutions in these geographic regions through COIL-enhanced courses that utilize online technologies and project based instructional design.    

In June 2016, with the generous collaboration of Universidad La Salle in México and Al-Kafaat University in Lebanon, the COIL Center carried out 4-day workshops in Cuernavaca, Mexico and Beirut, Lebanon. The US-Mexico Multistate Program workshop gathered together 21 COIL teaching partnerships made up of US and Mexican professors based at 20 colleges and universities. The Stevens Initiative workshop involved the partnering of 8 institutions in 4 different countries to launch the preliminary phase of the partnership. During the course of the workshops, professors designed their COIL-enhanced course modules and constructed the learning objectives and activities for their courses.  In total, both projects will reach over 1200 students during the fall 2016 semester; over 900 students from the US/Mexico and over 380 students from the US/MENA region.  In these courses, students will carry out an online collaborative project in credit-bearing undergraduate and graduate level courses.  The COIL workshops provided professional development and training to professors in designing their COIL-enhanced course program, and each workshop provided the opportunity for faculty to benefit from cross-cultural interchange, and to cement teaching partnerships to be sustained and cultivated into the future.

COIL Workshop